Childhood games & pastimes


What did you get up to when you were a kid?

I had three brothers when I was a boy, so there was never a shortage of people to have a kick-about with a football, or play cricket or rugby. I can still see that heavy leather football crashing through my Mum’s kitchen window. Ouch!
When we weren’t doing stuff like that, and getting into trouble, we used to play all sorts of other games, like;
Conkers (in the autumn)
Penny up against the wall – (nearest the wall picked up all the pennies)
Top trumps – (card game)
We even invented a sort of squash with a tennis ball, against the four-storey gable end of the old school block.
What did you get up to? Let us know here; we’d love to find out! Leave us some contact details, and we may come and talk to you about it.
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2 thoughts on “Childhood games & pastimes

  1. I remember playing out on the street with loads of other kids either ball games or bike games or skipping rope games – an old washing line so lots of you could skip at once – great fun but cant remember exactly what was sung or how you were got out!

  2. Stevie Turner Tin Can Tommy, Knock Down Ginger, Bull Dog, Cannon….Colditz

    17 April at 20:32 · Like

    Stevie Turner Tin can tommy was where someone had to stand by a lamp post with a tin can at the base. Everyone hid around the street and the ‘tommy’ had too find them. Once he spotted someone he had to run back to the lamp post and bang on it shouting ‘Tin Can Tommy I see **** behind the red car’. If you thought you’d been spotted you had to beat the Tommy to the lamp post before he shout out.

    18 April at 10:08 · Like
    Stevie Turner Cannon was a game of two teams, one group had to constructed a ‘cannon’ from lollipop sticks, whilst the other team had a tennis ball passing it around to get the best shot and try and knock the cannon down as it was constructed.

    18 April at 10:11 · Like
    Matt Russell ‘Left Pocket’ It was very popular at George Mitchell School in the mid 70’s. You could walk up to any boy, say ‘left pocket’ and anything in their left trouser pocket was now yours! This led to boys with bulging right pockets until the inevitable game upgrade to ‘Right Pocket’ How we laughed…..

    18 April at 10:46 · Like
    Helen Golding Handstands against the school wall, then another girl would do a handstand between your legs. We tried to see how many girls we could get to reach the wall before we all collapsed.. And I am keeping it clean! It’s what we did!

    18 April at 13:17 · Like · 1
    Helen Golding Loved clackers, they always found themselves over telephone wires for some reason?

    18 April at 13:18 · Like

    Andy Jones Remember them …..Many a bruised wrist !!
    Conkers stick em in vinegar for a week hardened em up … Then someone made a rule if you dropped it or it slipped off the string during the game you could stamp on them (stampsies) many a playground punch up ensued as I remember

    18 April at 14:11 · Like

    Andy Jones Remember collecting these at junior school …

    Andy Jones’s photo.

    18 April at 14:15 · Like · 1
    Angela Thomas I remember a street game we played which sounds like ‘Tin can tommy’ mentioned here but I’m sure we called it ‘Run out’ or something like that! Ring a bell with anyone ?

    18 April at 14:47 · Like
    Stevie Turner Yeah we played run outs as well, can’t remember the rules though…british bulldog was always a great game!

    18 April at 17:12 · Like
    Helen Golding Spud guns….ouch they hurt in a starchy kinda way.

    18 April at 18:44 · Like

    Phil McGeary I remember ‘run outs’ too, but not the rules.Were there any rules?
    I tried to explain ‘British bulldog’ to other people on the group & they were horrified!
    Thanks for the feedback, people, it’s much appreciated.

    18 April at 18:46 · Like

    Andy Golding Clackers wrapped around telegraph wires. A very common site in 1972:)

    18 April at 18:51 · Like
    Stevie Turner British bulldog was justified assault!

    18 April at 20:16 · Like

    Stevie Turner Knock down ginger! The biggest wind up going!

    18 April at 20:17 · Like

    Stevie Turner I think run outs was where you hid and when found was physically tagged then you had to beat them to the named centre point

    18 April at 20:19 · Like

    Chris Ransom Jacks was a craze at one stage I remember

    18 April at 22:20 · Like · 1

    Chris Ransom Did you ever play chase the ace on the 247?

    18 April at 22:21 · Like

    Phil McGeary ‘Chase the ace’- I don’t remember that. Enlighten me!

    18 April at 22:35 · Like

    Chris Ransom Pack of cards with one black ace. Deal them all out and take out matching pairs. Then you take turns drawing one card from the person next to you until one is left with the ace. Loser had to cut the deck and was rapped on the knuckles that many times by each player.

    18 April at 23:22 · Like
    Helen Golding I think that’s old maid. Chase the ace is where you deal one card out, and you swap with the player to your left if you have an ace or a low card. If the dealer is left with the low card he can cut the pack for a higher card. If you are dealt a king you turn that over and are exempt from all the shenanigans.

    18 April at 23:28 · Like

    Helen Golding …the player with the lowest card loses a life. ( you have three)

    18 April at 23:29 · Like

    Phil McGeary I remember the rapping knuckles bit. Maybe getting confused between two games here? Does anyone else remember one way or another?

    18 April at 23:45 · Like
    Helen Golding

    But on reading on google, it has been referred to as old maid on Wikipedia So… Don’t know who’s right completely? I think it’s a ‘cross the pond confusion’
    I’ve always known it as that though. And old maid, beat your neighbour is the other game!

    Chase the Ace Card Game Rules & Instructions
    Chase the Ace.

    19 April at 08:22 · Like · Remove Preview

    Andy Golding Our local variation was called ‘Tin Tam Tommy’ but I have no idea of the rules. I think it was basically Hide and Seek plus Runouts. A lot of post-war games like that were wiped out by skateboards. I was useless on those things as I was too tall and my…See More

    19 April at 09:16 · Like
    Kev Jules Lots of fun playing ‘knock down ginger’. Used to die cotton to the door knocker (most people had them in those days) roll it out and pull. Let off some slack, wait for them to shut the door and do it again. Was chased for half a mile once when they followed the string. What fun!

    19 April at 12:06 · Like

    Matt Russell ‘Slaps’ The backs of my hands used to be red raw!

    19 April at 21:51 · Like

    Helen Golding Spuds a variation on slaps

    20 April at 00:34 · Like

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