Childhood Environments


Despite my age, I was lucky being one of the last generations to play outdoors and interacting with other children. Writing about my childhood is like writing a fairytale where boys and girls play together on the street and enjoy their time until the sun sets. And having grown up in Spain (where the sun sets so late), my childhood was much like that of the children, that appear in documentaries playing without shoes, completely dirty and sometimes even partially naked (hahahaha).This fact has definitely influenced both my personality, and the personalities of those children who used to play with me.

Sadly (in my opinion) that situation evolved in a really short period of time and when I started my high school, every garden, football field, street, etc in my neighbourhood were completely empty of children. Why was it happening? Where were the children? Had they disappeared? Of course NOT, but our society had changed into a digital age, where interaction or toys had become old-fashioned. We had started the age of Iphones, Playstation, Internet, X-Box, etc; a new concept, life and way of enjoyment.

This new age continues nowadays and it is clear that the new generations are different. Is this good or bad? Maybe should we think about it …?


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