Paint the whole world with a Rainbow

A few weeks ago, I interviewed Rochelle who grew up in Ilford. One of the things we talked about was what was on TV at the time….have a listen to a soundbite of the shows we discussed…and please, if anyone knows what that show was actually called…Ring a Ting Tings? Or..? Please let us know!

And then I thought about Rainbow. George, Zippy, Bungle – the headliners. Jeffrey as the stressed stage manager. And Rod Jane and Freddy as the supporting act. What a team. It must have been on around 12ish? I remember trying to get back from wherever me and mum where, before school was part of my life, and needing to catch the opening credits. The Thames TV logo that was reflected – wow. And then the really mesmerising bit – all black and white then suddenly, all starting to gradually get colourful…because you paint the whole world with a rainbow (cue deep drums).

I have it on DVD and watched it the other day with my 1 and half yr old son. He was fascinated. How could you not be? It was warming to see something so simple work – gravely picture quality, cringeful acting, basic set. I guess it really was all about the characters.

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One thought on “Paint the whole world with a Rainbow

  1. I think the 70s TV show you’re talking about with Rochelle was called ‘The Singing Ringing Tree’. There are lots of clips of it on YouTube; here is the first ine I came across;

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