Event at Royal Docks Learning & Activity Centre



Yesterday we had an Event in the Royal Docks Learning & Activity Centre as part of their health event. It was my first event on this project and I was so excited and very nervous as well. When I first arrived Gary (our contact there) was very kind with me, he explained about the centre, the area, and the activities that they are going to run that day. After this little chat, he showed me the centre, the space where the event took place and also he invited me for a cup of tea!!

When Olivia arrived we started to prepare everything: table, chairs, games, everything to be ready for what was coming and it came!! Well they came to be honest. One group of 3 lovely elderly women started to ask us about who we were and what we were doing there and, we started to play cats cradle with them. It was amazing to see how they were between excited and nostalgic with this game, some knew how to play but one of them (she was playing with me) had no idea how to play, so we had a really funny moment…me trying to teach her and she trying to understand the game.

Another thing that impressed me a lot was see the face of two ladies when they listened to the soundbites that we had ready from previous interviews. They started to remember their childhood memories and it was really interesting that they wanted to share their memories with us. It was also useful to get two more  oral history interviews that will be up on our oral history page soon.

We spoke to lots of people about the project and just when I thought all the fun was had, a group of disabled people and their carers came over. One of them played with me cats cradle and one of the boys of the group played fortune – teller. The carer told us about his favourite game when he was a kid, football, followed by another carer whose favourite was the board game ‘guess who‘.

That was a really interesting experience for me and I only want to thank all the people from Royal Docks Learning & Activity Centre for their help yesterday and also all the people that had time to speak with us!!! You are all stars!!!


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