More than an event


Cynthia (the master of cats cradle) strikes again!

Last Thursday we had an event at Oxford House in Bethnal Green, was my second and my nerves were less than the last time.

After we prepared everything for the event I tried to explain James how to play Catscradle without much success (James you have to play more!!! 😉 ) when one elderly woman, Nuru, showed her interest in what we were doing!! I was playing with her and she asked us what all the stuff that we had there was; I explained to her who we are and she started to talk about her memories!! In that moment I asked her to have an interview with me, and it was the best experience I ever had in this project!!! Nuru shared with me her childhood in Bangladesh: fishing, collecting fruit to make jam, building houses in the trees with her friends…lots of memories that you can listen to here soon on our oral histories page…

When I came back, James was with two ladies, one mother and her daughter. James went with the daughter to make another interview and, when I was alone with her, one woman started to play a song on the accordion. The old lady started to sing with some nostalgia so I asked her if she knew that song, she smiled to me and her answer was yes. It was a song of her favourite group when she was young “The meadows”.I don’t remember the name of the song because it was very noisy there but as I could understand it was an important group in the 60’s.

When James came back, we could enjoy the lady with the accordion. There were many people that were interested in what we were doing there and James had another chance to get another interview, so off he went. In that time another lady came and asked about us, and enjoyed reading our ‘memories cards’. These are where you write your own memories of ‘play’ and share then on a washing line with a peg! She started to talk about one game called “Cannon”. She told me she used to play it with her friends and cousins and was a shame that I couldn’t recorded her memories because I was alone…

Then James came back with another interview so I took a little break to see what another people were doing. I went to the table in front of us to see a group of people making jewellery when James called me to play Catscradle with one lady that was the Deputy Mayor, Victoria Borwick!!! I have to tell that she is a master playing it!!

Finally, a huge thank you to all the team of Oxford House, and The Capital Age Festival and all the people that joined us
And Nuru to share her memories with me!!!


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