Playing Cards Making Fun!!!

On Thursday we were invited to a group that took place in Bromley By Bow Centre. Once again another experience to get involve with elderly people who wanted to share their memories with us. The evening was very well; all the elderly people who were there were very nice with us, and the volunteers as well!! They were lovely people that make their best to help them and I really appreciated it because they made our presence there more easy for us, and for them. They showed us their notebook, with a lot of paintings, poems and games that they used to play when they were kids!!!

To break the ice, one of the volunteers start to asked all of them if they remembered to play Cats Cradle, Jacks, marbles…any game that they remembered from their childhood. That was very good because they started to remember many games, many places, the way they used to play one game…lots of memories from them. Olivia went to do one interview and me, the volunteers and the rest of the group we started to play cards. I don´t remember very well what was the name of this card game, but it consisted in divide the cards into the players, then each player put one card in the centre of the table and when you get two equal cards the person has to put his hand in the bunch of cards and say “Splash” or “Smash” (that´s what I don´t remember very well).

Well, we were playing that game and I had lot of fun with them, they were very competitive!!!everyone wanted to win!!! and we laughed a lot.

Then I interviewed a lady called Rosemary, she was very nice talking about her memories, she used to jump in the “Pogo Stick”, “Hopscoth”, “Knock Down Ginger”…and more things that you can listen to in the video at the bottom of this post.

Only say many thanks to the Bromley By Bow Centre for their help, to the group for sharing their memories with us and to the volunteers of that evening to made the things easy!!!


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