Shoot your marbles!




Marbles are the typical thing you can find when you are tidying up your room, because these little balls are everywhere! But be careful, you might fall and get hurt! because they are usually made from glass, steel or clay.

Our question is: Do you know how they appeared in your room and how to play with them?

The marbles vary in sizes and colours, and they are usually made from glass, steel or clay. If they are called marbles it is because at the beginning these small balls were made from marble stone. Before they were called marbles they had different names: knikers (England), knokkers (Dutch) bille (French) and marmaros (Greek).

A lot of people like to collect them because of their colours, as if it was their special treasure! Of course, you can play with the marbles, which is a game that started thousands of years ago.

We cannot impress you with the History of Marbles because it’s a bit confused and we are not sure who invented them or who started playing with them! What we know is the marbles were discovered a long time ago (more than 3000 years!) by archeologists in different parts of the World, specially in Egypt and the Middle East, and exists dozens of informal different games, so you can play in many different ways.

We are going to tell you the common game because someone needs to know the rules and explain them to his/her friends!

First of all, the objective is getting as many marbles you can at the end of the game. You will get them shooting the marbles or your opponents outside a circle.

Tip! Before you start playing: the players need to decide if the one who wins will keep the marbles he/she win or after the game the marbles will come back to their owners.

After that, you can start playing:

1. Draw a circle on the ground, using the chalk. Try to do it on a smooth and ground level.

2. Put all the marbles you have in the centre of the circle. The most common way is forming a cross with them. Each player has to shoot one of his/her marbles into the circle using the fingers. How many marbles? As many as you want!

3. After this, the players put another of their marbles (usually is the biggest one and you can call it striker) outside the circle. The player that has his/her marble furthest away from the circle is the one that starts playing.

4. The game consists of trying to put the marbles of others outside of the drawn circle playing. The players take turns to shoot the marbles, and they do this with their strike.  Remember! You cannot walk inside the circle to shoot a marble!

If the player is successful knocking the marbles of the opponent, he/she can continue his/her turn.

5. The winner will be the one that put more marbles of the opponent outside the circle.

Is very excited to play a game that exists all around the World. In some parts the game vary, but all of them use the colourful marbles!

In North America were found engraved marbles from the Native American, what means they started playing along time ago!

In Saudi Arabia the players shoot their marbles into three different circles and the first player to get the marbles into the circle ten times wins.

In some parts of India the game is known as Goleelu, and the have a lot of different games: Line Game, Double Game, Bombay Ring or the most common game called Kanchatta. This game is played with a small pit and they put a marble placed near the pit. The players have to shoot the marbles and hit the first marble. If the first marble goes into the pit after this, then that player wins the marble. If not, both marbles stay placed near the pit and the opponent can win them! While in India players like catapulting the marble toward the target, in Bolivia players prefer to use their knees to shoot them!

In Korea the players combine marbles and tags. Each player has his/her own hole. From a throwing line the players have to roll them marbles into their holes. If the marbles go to the opponent’s hole the players have to run and get their marbles before the opponent tag the marble as their own.

Also, another interesting game is found in Africa. The marbles (Bano in Swahili) have to get into a hole. As many marbles you shoot into the hole more chances to win!

Now is your turn to choose what game you want to play! How many players are you? Do you want to make a team? Which are your best marbles and what rules to follow?

Probably, after practising and playing with your friends, having fun and hurting your fingers XD you can be a really good player so, Why not join a team and play in the World Marbles Championship?

Every year, since 1932, there is an open event at West Sussex where people from everywhere come and play to win a title and a silver trophy!

You know: Where there is a will, there is a way!

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