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Here we go again!!! Was a long time I didn’t write anything here that I really wanted.


These weeks I was working very hard on transcribing two interviews for the project. When I was asked to tell my personal experience about it, I was very excited.


We have many objectives for doing this: we think it´s useful to have a backup of all the interviews just in case the audio fails.  As well, it´s  another way of creating more accessible versions for the hard of hearing. Also, we are going to give some of these recordings to the Local Archives and they need the transcribed versions.


I’ve had the chance to transcribe two different interviews, one from Nuru, and the other from Dan, two very different people who shared something in common: “the happy childhood”. Both of them had a happy childhood; Nuru in Bangladesh and Dan talks about his experiences here in London.


Transcribing Nuru’s memories was amazing. During all these months on the project I’ve realised that no matter where you come from, all the kids around the world, more or less, play the same games that I played. So this is what I enjoyed discovering when interviewing Nuru – the same games all over the world. Her interview made me remember once again all the good memories of the moments in the fields with my cousins and friends. She showed me another culture completely different to what I know but there were connections to my own.

Dan surprised me in other way. At first when I had to transcribe what he was talking about I was thinking “Oh my God, I’m not going to understand any of that”. But I managed. Dan lives in East London and his accent was a little problematic for me, especially when he spoke quickly…I had to spend lots of time listening and listening again the same thing to understand (or not in a couple of parts) what he was saying.

Transcribing his memories was another gratifying experience in terms of imagination. He told an experience that he had in school with kids that were playing some kind of “Intergalactic War”. They had the forces to fight against the alien forces who invaded the castle, the prison, the safe areas…and all of them on the school playground!!! It is absolutely the power of kids imagination, and it is a shame that nowadays we can’t see as much of this. Especially when you can see a kid playing with an Ipad instead of a ball…but anyway, it is good if you want to share your thoughts about this. For me that was the best part of this transcription.


So from here thank you very much once again to Nuru and Dan to share their memories with us!!! I really enjoyed this experience!!


And remember!!! you can listen to a clip of Dan’s interview in our Oral Histories section, the one about Nuru is coming very soon!!!

Finally I want to let you all know about Dan´s current exhibition in Tower HamletsLocal History and Archives.

You can find more information here:


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