Hello everybody!

Contribute to BEST DAYS OF OUR LIVES – links to videos and photos are welcome


You may have had preferred to play outdoors, had a favourite song that takes you back to your school days or had a best friend you shared everything with…as long, warm days approach we’d like you to think about…


Take a moment, close your eyes, imagine the sunshine on your cheeks and share with us here by leaving a reply in the box below
(if you can let us know your D.O.B, Gender and Postcode – even better!)

3 thoughts on “Contribute

  1. I remember to stay in the beach, with all my cousins around playing with the sand, snorkeling and bat and ball.

    Cynthia 14/02/1984 Female E6 1LE

  2. I loved big family picnics in parks. There would be billions of cousins and aunts and uncles and we would spend the whole day there. Eating. But also lots of races. It was non stop running about and it was like having our own sports day.

    E14 7FN

  3. Loved playing football for hours with my best friend Toby Clifford who lived nextdoor to me and his siblings Max, Rosie and Iori. I was always goalie and my hero was David Seaman! I was a staunch Arsenal supporter and also loved Formula 1 racing, with Damon Hill being my favourite driver. I also liked to make my own radio shows with my cousin Sophie, we’d record them on a tape player. I loved playing in my cousins’ attic – me, Dene and Sophie used to pretend to be the Addams Family up there. I also invented a game called Street Kids and we used to pretend to be independent kids with no parents, just doing our own thing – we wouldn’t have lasted 10 minutes if it had been true! I used to love anything that felt like a ‘den’, I even made my own den in my cupboard in my room! Got told off for writing “No boys allowed!” on it, then as I made friends with more boys, had a growing list.. “Except Toby, David, Seth, Matthew, Max…”! I also liked going around to see my friends Hollyann and Amber, we used to pretend to be cousins as it made our friendship seem more special somehow – we got up to all sorts of mischief but I think my all-time favourite was all bouncing on the bed completely naked (sorry to embarrass you guys, ha ha!) – oh to be so free again!

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